Welcome to the Farm

Here at Ebert Family Farm we raise chickens for meat and eggs, pork, grass fed beef, and Jersey milk cows. Every day our 30 dairy cows range on 500 acres of grassland along Bijou Creek. We milk these “girls” twice a day and provide the milk raw to our herd shareholders.

Our herd shareholders pick up their milk from our on farm distribution site and various distribution sites around the Denver Metro area, and in Conifer, Castle Rock, Boulder, Longmont, and Loveland. Beef and pork are available to the public by the quarter, side, or whole.

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What’s the deal with raw milk?

Raw milk, raw milk. What’s the deal with raw milk? Raw milk is milk that has not been processed via pasteurization (heating) or homogenization. The pasteurization process, once necessary to make milk last longer, destroys most of milk’s nutritional value.

Raw milk is very different from pasteurized milk. Raw milk is full of healthy enzymes, and its protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals are very “bioavailable” to the body — that is, it’s easily absorbed and made use of by the body. To learn more, click here.