Julie Ebert was born and raised on a ranch southeast of the very small community of Rose, Nebraska. Her parents, David and Susan Hutchinson, still operate the ranch where Julie grew up. They raise certified organic beef and buffalo meat.

When Julie was young, her folks realized the importance of “grass farming” and the value of conservation. Julie spent many summers managing herds of cattle in intensive rotational grazing programs. There were also plenty of days devoted to seeding grass in the pastures and planting seedling trees in wind breaks.

After high school, Julie attended college at the University of Nebraska and and Grace University, from which she graduated with a degree in Management and Organizational Leadership. Following college, she worked in management for Kinko’s for five years.


Kres Ebert was born in Fort Morgan, Colorado, and was raised on the same property that now operates the Ebert Family Farm Dairy. He was raised with a respect for animals and an understanding of how we are connected to the land and the animals around us. His grandfather, Harold, taught Kres to drive a tractor, taught him how to drive cattle on horseback, and taught him the value of hard work.

Kres grew up and left Colorado to spend six enjoyable years at the University of Nebraska working toward a degree in History and Political Science. Eventually, though, his heart drew him back to his home at the ranch.

When Kres returned to Colorado, it didn’t take long for Julie to follow. They married in September 2002 and began their path back to agriculture.