How It Works

Prior to getting milk we will need to have a signed contract from each person or family. Please review the “Cow Bill of Sale.”

Send your completed Cow Bill of Sale to us at P.O. Box 208, Byers, CO 80103 (this is also the best address for payments). After we receive your contract, we can get you set up in Farmigo, our online ordering and share tracking system, and you can begin receiving milk.

The Financial Part

Each cow share you purchase entitles you to a gallon of milk per week. We do offer half shares as well, since the milk comes in half gallon jars.

One full share is $50. A half-share is $25. This is a one-time fee. It is refundable, transferable, and sellable; and we try diligently to return this fee to anyone who decides to discontinue their share.

There is also a second one-time fee of $10 per share, to cover the cost for glass jars.This fee is not refundable.

Board and delivery fees are billed weekly when products are delivered. These fees total $11.95 per half gallon jar of milk. There are no other fees for board and delivery (a jar of milk). We also allow “vacation holds” so that you do not pay for milk you do not receive. This actually generally makes our milk more affordable for many folks when compared to farms that charge monthly boarding fees since you do not pay when you do not receive a delivery. These fees will deduct weekly from your Farmigo account balance.

When you sign up in Farmigo, you will be asked to pay $40, $100, $250, or $500 into your account. You can actually send any amount, but you must choose one of these to sign up.

Here is an example: If you are buying one share (one gallon per week), you owe $50 for the share, $10 for jars, and you decide to put $100 on your prepaid Farmigo account for product to deduct from. So, you would send $160 to the farm.

Currently we accept checks via snail-mail, made payable to Ebert Farms. Mail payments to P.O. Box 208, Byers, CO 80103. Many shareholders have sent auto payments through their bank and this is fine. Electronic checks can also be set up through Farmigo for both one time and auto replenish account payments. We send out reminders as needed when the balance in your Farmigo account reaches zero. As with share fees, we will refund any prepaid account balance if you discontinue getting milk.

Getting Your Dairy Products

Once you send your contract, go on to step two below to complete your sign up in Farmigo. It is very easy to sign up. Any items you “subscribe” to in the initial sign-up will become your standing order, and thus will be delivered every week.

After the initial sign-up you will be able to log into the online store to order additional one-time items. The store is open from 2 a.m. the morning after your delivery until 2 p.m. the afternoon before your delivery. Anytime the store is open, you can login to Farmigo to see your account history, view your prepaid account balance, and add vacation holds.

Products are billed to your account during the night after they are delivered. If your account is on hold, nothing will be sent and you will not be charged for anything.

Changes to your standing order “subscription” must be made by the farm. You should notify us of changes via an e-mail. We will reply to confirm that we have made the changes. We can also set up every-other-week subscriptions.