Sign-Up Instructions

Simple Steps to Get Started

At Ebert Family Farm, we are incorporating a membership management system called “Farmigo” designed specifically for CSA farms. It is set up to help CSA farms handle all the information associated with running a large CSA, from sign-up to delivery. This will allow us to provide better service to you.

As a member, you will have your own password and, after a time, you will be able see your account history.

Through this system, members will use the following steps to get set up their account:

Sign Up Process

  1. Choose your pick up site.
  2. Choose the amount of milk and or yogurt you will receive every week.
  3. The price shown is a weekly price and includes boarding fees and delivery per half gallon jar. Existing shareholders should choose the same number of jars you are currently receiving. For new shareholders, one half-gallon is equivalent to one half-share of ownership in the herd (i.e., if you are buying one share in the herd, subscribe for two jars of milk).
  4. Generally, milk and yogurt are the only items we always have available. That is why you can only sign up for shares for those items. You will have a chance to order other items from the store, like cream and eggs, after completing the Sign-Up Wizard. Each week we will indicate the quantities available for each item. This way you’ll know what is in stock and what is not, and be assured once you order it, you will receive it.
  5. Choose your options. We will be offering a limited quantity of meat shares. If you sign up for one of these options, you will automatically receive it on the first scheduled delivery date of each month.
  6. Add your contact information by registering for an account.
  7. Choose your payment plan from the four listed amounts. An explanation of the payment process is detailed below.
  8. Read through the link to our “CSA Farm Policy” and click to accept the terms.

Payment Process

To avoid the transaction fees associated with supporting credit card payments, we accept only checks or cash.

All weekly share items, monthly option items, and items purchased in the store will be deducted from your prepaid farm credit. When your credit gets low, we will e-mail you to let you know to add more money to your account.

We can continue to receive automated checks from your financial institution and will add the credit to your account as they are received. Cash payments should be placed in an envelope, labeled with your name, and delivered directly to Kres, Julie, or another member of the Barnyard Crew.

After you initiate payment using the Farmigo system, we need to receive the cash or check within a week so we can mark it received on your Farmigo account.

Thanks for helping us move into the future and get organized. Most importantly, thanks for your patronage!