RMAC: The Farmer-Consumer Alliance

Oct 5,2007 | News

The Raw Milk Association of Colorado was established by David Lynch, of Guidestone Farm, to preserve the quality of raw milk in Colorado and to assist new producers beginning cow share programs. The RMAC is currently seeking matching funds to secure a USDA grant, as described in the letter below. Please take a look….

On August 1, 2007, RMAC was awarded a $29,500 grant from the USDA Rural Development Office to help get RMAC (Raw Milk Association of Colorado) started. Many thanks to RMFU, Bob Mailander and Marilyn Wentz for their help! — BUT, there are contingencies with this grant award. In order to receive the money, RMAC must raise matching funds of $12,500.00 to demonstrate that we have solid community support and commitment to long-term success. Then the funds will be released.

RMAC producers (your farmers) have already stepped up and contributed $3,000 toward this matching funds requirement. We are now asking you, the consumer, to help too.

For a supporting contribution of $10 per household, we will be on our way to matching the requirements of the grant. Your $10 contribution will afford you an annual consumer membership with RMAC.
Make a Contribution
Earlier this year, we asked you if you would contribute to a Legal Defense Fund, and you responded with an enthusiastic “YES!” With this grant, we will be able to build a Legal Defense Fund, and more. We will form the first organization of raw milk producers and consumers in the nation. It’s good for us, good for the animals, and good for the earth!

If we do not meet the matching funds requirement, we will have to forfeit the $29,500.00 grant award. Our goal is to meet the matching funds requirement by 10/15/07.

PLEASE, show your support and sign up today!